Client – Stella Magazine, DK
Project – The Pop Issue
Role – Art Direction & Design
Commissioned Work


Art direction – Illustration – Editorial

For its third edition, Stella Magazine chose to focus on“Pop Culture” curating content about Yelle, Icons, Vox Populi and Pop Art. As a guest artist, I was invited to contribute with an image around this thematic.

Inspired by the spirit of Fiorucci and posters designed by Douglas Coupland, I chose to reference and repurpose one of his images. I used the same composition and replaced the content with new elements that speak of consumerism. I wanted to translate my feeling of Pop Culture today. On one hand, objectifying and reintroducing existing items in the form of a still life composition, but also translating the intensity of the vibe, somewhat “a bunch of things that look cool together”. While building this image, I had fun playing with media and dimensions, mixing flat cutouts, spray-painted objects as well as street photographs taken around New York.

Stella – Process Images