Project – Spotify Premium
Company – Trollbäck+Company
Creative Direction – Elliott Chaffer,
Rosie Garschina
Music Production – YouTooCanWoo
Role – Designer


Motion – Style Frame – Illustration

I worked with Trollbäck+Company to design several spots for Spotify Premium global campaign. Spotify had just rebranded with a fresh brand identity system: a flexible palette mixing bold shapes, bright colors and geometric patterns to create a “bursting” experience. Each spot depicts one of Spotify’s features through unique graphic worlds: they were then used across video, digital and print campaign assets.

The Premium campaign encouraged new and existing users to switch to paid accounts to enjoy these perks. In addition to Spotify’s in-app push, the ads have appeared online and on popular mobile and social media platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Spotify Premium – Travel Offline

Spotify Premium – Offline Date

Spotify Premium – Generic

Spotify Premium – Ad Free Social