Client – Rampini
70 years gift package
Company – Enigma
Role – Art Direction, Design Direction
Design – Loris Olivier, Izabela Sobieszek, Laura Perrière


Art direction – Design – Gift Set

Rampini is an established Swiss company active in the field of construction, civil engineering and landscaping.  To celebrate 70 years of existence as well as the new year, the company decided to gift their clients and partners with meaningful custom-made presents. They wanted these to reflect Rampni’s key values : expertise, performance, quality, collaboration and teamwork, as well as its anchor in Swiss culture.

As a response, we imagined a set of objects that talks in form and content about the company and designed a visual book, chocolates, a greeting card as well as a calendar.

The card and the chocolate interpret Rampini’s three sectors of activity in the form of a “poya”, a traditional Swiss craft. The book features photographer François Schaer with insights on numerous construction sites he had documented over the year. The book honors their workers and places human beings at the center. We choose raw materials like cardboard to speaks of concrete and took an editorial approach to enhance the visual and tactile experience of these pieces.

Laser Cut New Year Card

Custom Chocolate

Visual Book