Client – Nestlé
Project – Poster Campaign
Company – Enigma
Role – Art Direction, Design
Photography – Anoush Abrar


Art direction – Image Making – Campaign

Nest is Nestlé’s new museum in Vevey: it is dedicated to the history of the company and takes its visitors through history and collective memory, bridging the past, the present and the future. The museum features interactive exhibits as well as a modern interior to trigger all of our senses and speak about generations. The idea behind is that Nestle products are parts of people lifes and collective memory.

Our goal was to develop a campaign that positions people first and reflects the experience of the visitors at nest. We imagined a series of posters that simultaneously speaks about family connections and generations, and reveals sections of the museum as a teaser. To do so, we casted typical groups of people to show the human perspective from various ages and composited it with bits of the museum exhibits, making connections between generations and time.