Client – Marwood
AW 16 Visuals
Role – Art Direction, Design
Photography – Arianna Lago
Creative Direction – Becky French


Art direction – Image Making – Collaboration

Marwood designs artistic ties and accessories with character and charm. Made in England using the finest cloth, the brand loves graphic patterns, innovative yarns and craftsmanship.

2016 Autumn / Winter collection features stitched embroideries and inspires from Helen Frankenthaler‘s colour palette and organic shapes. I collaborated with the brand on a set of images to promote that collection.

The idea was to express personality through the accessories and outfits people wear, rather than their face. To express the idea of personal expression through decoration and colour, we decided to disguise the model’s face and enhance the decoration. I considered Marwood’s inspiration and material and played with positive/negative space balancing photography, painterly organic shapes and embroidery details.