Client – J’N’C Magazine
Title – Fashion and Health
Role – Art Direction & Design
Photography – Elizabeth Waugh
Model – Christina Gottschalk


Illustration – Art direction – Editorial

J’N’C Magazine invited me to contribute with a series of illustrations to support an essay where Fredericke Winkler questions the relationship between health and fashion, more precisely the ecological battle these industries feed in the name of sustainability.

“Never before has the definition of beauty been as closely linked to a healthy lifestyle as it is today. […] How else can it be explained that, despite all the apparent concern for health, a mere one percent of clothing produced worldwide is truly harmless? Or that the remaining 99 percent is soaked in chemicals, poisoning our natural resources and often manufactured under inhumane or dangerous working conditions? When your yoga top causes a rash on your skin or your new running shoes make you gasp for breath with their toxic smell as you take them out of the box: are we just fooling ourselves with our ‘healthy spirit in a healthy body’ mantra?”