Client – HETS
Project  – Place Bulle­ Air
Role – Art Direction & Design
Design – Izabela Sobieszek
Photograph – Niels Ackermann


Art direction – Design – Public Space

Place Bulle­Air is an exhibition realized by HETS students (Social Studies) exploring the question of social connections in the public space. In a world where urban infrastructure are designed to optimize time, what space is left for exchanges between people?

The study, as well as the exhibition took place at Place Bel­Air (Geneva), an important pole of transit. While our students gathered testimonials from passengers, photograph Niels Ackermann captured them. The creative brief was to combine it all in a cloud of bubbles.

As a response we came up with a fluid hand drawn feel combining photo with watercolor bubbles and symbols. We wanted to highlight the human side with soft and irregular shapes and introduce the symbols to speak of communication and bring an overall light and uplifting feel to the place. While designing, we paired testimonials with photographs creating little scenes for each of the 10 large scale posters and drew a multitude of bubbles for the ground.

The exhibition took part of the event “HES Mobilité(s)”

Place Bulle­ Air – Poster Design

Place Bulle­ Air – Exhibition View